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Canadian LED lights installed at Rocky Mountain landmark

Monday, January 25th 2010 12:42:28pm

Media Release

Canadian LED lights installed at Rocky Mountain landmark

(January 25, 2010, Banff, Alberta) The Banff Park Museum, a Canadian landmark, is now more prominent as it basks in the glow of newly installed energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) exterior lights.

Completed just before the Olympic Torch Relay passed through Banff, the 73 exterior lights enhance security around the museum and highlight the exterior of the recently restored wood structure. The combined electricity consumed by all 73 LED lights uses less power than a single 400 watt incandescent light bulb.

Kevin Hooper, principal of Lighting Solutions Inc., is the Calgary based lighting designer and engineer who selected the Canadian-owned (manufactured in Welland Ontario) CRS LED bulbs and oversaw the installation. Hooper said, "The CRS MR16 lighting units were an excellent choice. The bulbs are high performance both in terms of energy efficiency and durability, CRS supplied extraordinary service and technical support."

Hooper described the installation as "Interesting and challenging. The Museum is a heritage wooden structure that required a lighting system that is both unobtrusive and brought out the beautiful colour of the wood, and could be installed in restricted and recessed spaces. The CRS products met these tests."

"The building lights are installed in difficult to reach locations, requiring time and use of ladders or even boom trucks to replace a burnt out bulb. With CRS LED lights lasting up to 25 times longer than standard exterior bulbs, less bulb changes saves money. In the case of the Banff Park Museum, the bulbs should last 11 years. Low energy consumption and long lifespan means lower maintenance costs for Parks Canada, making CRS LED light bulbs a wise choice for installations such as this one," observed Hooper. The entire museum is lit with less power than a single commercial floodlight often used for exterior lighting.

Hooper used CRS LED units for interior lighting on other museum projects. "The lack of heat produced from LED lights is exactly what museums need. The heat and ultra violet (UV) rays generated by traditional light bulbs can damage artifacts and requires additional air conditioning to stabilize temperatures. Museums can cut energy costs in lighting and cooling by installing LED lighting."  

CRS President, Scott Riesebosch stated, "We are delighted that our product was chosen for an installation in this landmark location, it was also fun to see our lights at work at Banff leg of the Olympic torch relay."


For more information contact:
Debbie Bamforth 905-599-3322, Debbieb@crselectronics.com or Al Hussey, Chief Operating Officer, 905-788-9039, ahussey@crselectronics.com or visit website www.crselectronics.com.

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Photo credit: Lighting Solutions Inc.

Lighting Solutions Inc. was founded in 1996 by Kevin Hooper, P.Eng., LEED AP. For more information, visit http://www.ltgsol.com

is a leader in the emerging, rapidly-growing market of high efficiency light-emitting-diode ("LED"), or, solid state lighting ("SSL"). The principal activities of CRS include the development, manufacture and sale, primarily in North America, of indoor and outdoor lighting such as LED replacement lamps, LED streetlights, exterior LED warning lights on school buses, child safety systems for school buses and contract manufacturing of LED circuit boards. CRS is a well-established supplier to both the school bus industry and the LED contract manufacturing industry, providing a stable and growing revenue source. CRS plans to be a major supplier of LED light engines for a variety of applications to be developed by CRS on its own and in conjunction with its customers. Many of CRS's customers replace halogen 50watt MR16's with CRS's LED MR16 light.