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BOMA Toronto Dims Lights for Earth Hour

Friday, March 26th 2010 12:24:49pm

Media Release
BOMA Toronto Dims Lights for Earth Hour

(March 26, 2010, Toronto, Ontario) Saturday, March 27th marks the fourth annual Earth Hour.  For 60 minutes, buildings all over Canada will dim their lights to show support for the need to conserve energy.

This year the Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Toronto (BOMA Toronto) is a proud local supporter of Earth Hour in Ontario through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada. It is anticipated that a significant number of its members will participate in the Earth Hour event and ancillary activities.

"BOMA members are committed to sustainable buildings and effective property management," said BOMA Toronto Executive Vice President Chris Conway. "We're a perfect fit for Earth Hour and happy to lend our support. I'm proud of our members for embracing the project so enthusiastically."

"This is a powerful demonstration of how much energy we use every day, how much we waste and how much we can conserve, if we try," Conway continued.  "Based on last year's response, and the visual displays in building lobbies, we're anticipating huge participation from our membership."

BOMA Toronto's Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program’s incentive initiative has substantial incentive dollars in 'green' capital available to commercial building owners, operators and tenants for electricity conservation retrofits, in the City of Toronto. The CDM Program is currently managing over 350 projects, delivering the equivalent of 26,300 Ontario homes of electricity savings, eliminating 30,000 tonnes of emissions and creating approximately 1,200 Ontario jobs. The commitment from the BOMA professionals equal more than $105 million in capital investment.

Conway observed that, while lights left on are a visible sign of energy use, the average BOMA certified building consumes roughly 11 per cent less energy than it did a decade ago.  Some BOMA buildings have adopted energy management strategies and undertaken building retrofits to reduce their energy use by as much as 30 per cent.

BOMA is a strong supporter of environmentally sustainable building and energy conservation which is evident through its BOMA BESt Program. BESt stands for Building Environmental Standards. BOMA BESt not only provides building managers with an environmental management tool and detailed recommendations for areas of improvement, but also with its four levels of building certification and an online assessment tool, which provides detailed benchmarking data and guidelines for operating their properties in a sustainable and energy efficient manner.

Conway continued, "The BOMA BESt Program is a clear indication of the support commercial property owners show for sustainable development & management. Energy conservation is a year-round commitment for us and I am very proud of the efforts being put forward by our members."

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Established in 1917, the Building Owners and Managers Association of the Greater Toronto AreaM - BOMA Toronto - has grown along with the evolution of the institutional, commercial and industrial building sector. Its territory includes all of Ontario except for the Ottawa Capital Region. BOMA Toronto has grown to over 800 real estate professional members representing 80 per cent of all commercial and industrial real estate companies in the GTA and beyond. These individuals are the leading building owners, property and facility managers, developers, leasing agents, and service providers. BOMA Toronto is also prominent on the national and international stages. It is an affiliate of the 17,000-member BOMA International organization, a federated member of BOMA Canada, and the second-largest local BOMA Association in North America.