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WattsNEXT? sustainable energy contest open to all Ontarians

Thursday, June 9th 2011 9:11:40am

Media Release

WattsNEXT? sustainable energy contest open to all Ontarians
New website and contest tells what's watt in Ontario and gives a chance to win a $70,000 solar system!

June 9, 2011 -- The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is turning up the green energy wattage with the announcement of a video contest, real time online map showcasing green energy supporters, conservation and renewable energy projects and a province wide Green Energy Field Day, all part of the WattsNEXT? contest. WattsNEXT? offers the chance to win exciting prizes (including a complete 10 kilowatt solar system by AS Solar and cash bursaries), while showcasing the power of sustainable energy across Ontario.

A culture of conservation and renewable energy are building across the province, promising a greener, more prosperous future for all Ontarians.

Ontarians young and old now have the opportunity to share and learn about the power of sustainable energy building across the province through WattsNEXT? (www.wattsnext.ca). Information on conservation and renewable energy initiatives big and small and videos on renewable energy projects submitted will feed the WattsNEXT? database and be charted onto a real-time Google map of the province and the WattsNEXT? dashboard keeping count of the growing number of green projects, jobs and other fun facts while giving everyone who participates a chance to win cool prizes.

The WattsNEXT? contest culminates on September 24, when the winners of the top prizes will be announced at Ontario's Green Energy Field Day, a doors-open event showcasing conservation and renewable energy projects across the province. The event will link up with Moving Planet, a worldwide rally by 350.org on September 24, to move the planet away from fossil fuels.

Ontario is a leader in North America in conservation and renewable energy. Across the province windmills, biogas digesters, small hyrdro, biomas facilities and solar panels are being installed in farmers' fields, in First Nations and on the roofs of homes, schools, churches and factories. Businesses and individual Ontarians are conserving energy, increasing our competitiveness, creating jobs and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

This success is due to the Green Energy Act and its feed-in tariff programs, which have motivated thousands of the people across Ontario to become conservers and power producers and attracted billions of dollars of green investment. Grassroots support and participation is vital to keep green power building in the province. Sustainable energy is no longer just about the environment or even our health. It is about jobs, investment and the future of Ontario.

For more details on WattsNEXT? and media inquiries please contact Kristopher Stevens at info@ontario-sea.org or call 416-977-4441 x 5207.

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and enabling the people of Ontario to improve the environment, the economy and their health by producing clean, sustainable energy in their homes, business and communities.