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A new voice for the Building Supplier Industry

Wednesday, November 6th 2013 3:21:35pm

(Ontario, Wednesday November 6, 2013) The Canadian Building Suppliers’ Network (CBSN) is now accepting membership applications. This new organization has been created for and is managed by the supplier community to serve as the representative voice of building product and service supplier companies in Canada.

At the helm of this new organization are long time real estate sector professionals Chuck S. Stradling (Chairman) and R. Wayne Proulx (President).  Both of who recognized the need for a strong, united voice to represent suppliers to the Canadian real estate market.
“We listened to industry stakeholders, suppliers, property owners/managers and enterprise companies,” said Chuck Stradling,  Chairman of The CBSN, “and we identified some very simple basics requiring attention that would ultimately heighten the quality and due diligence of contracting in Canada as well as improve the quality and profitability of our member businesses.”

Also driving the progressive strategic direction and success of the CBSN will be the Board of Directors and the Industry Advisory Council (IAC). The Board, comprised from an array of supplier companies, will effectively represent and promote the needs of a broad based membership. The IAC, chaired by the President of the CBSN, is a formal committee of senior real estate industry representatives established to ensure supplier interactions achieve the highest possible level of professional governance.

“I am excited to be on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity, the CBSN will help drive both change and opportunity in the industry to the mutual benefit of supplier companies and real estate owners and managers.” said Ron France, CBSN Board Member and President of Paragon Security.

The CBSN will offer networking events, industry programs, integrated communication channels, education, eco-business forums, online tools and services to all members.  Core member services will include supplier OH&S and Sustainability certification programs and an on-line purchasing portal and a conflict resolution process.  The CBSN inaugural networking event will take place on November 20th in Toronto.

Membership is open to any company providing products and services to the building industry in Canada and is available at the National, Provincial and Municipal levels.  Tower Club membership is exclusively for real estate and enterprise head office corporations, who support the vision and values of the CBSN. For more information on the CBSN, membership applications and our upcoming event visit -- www.thecbsn.com.    

About the CBSN

The Canadian Building Suppliers’ Network is a federally incorporated, membership based, not- for-profit organization established in 2013 as the lead representative and facilitator of the building supplier industry in Canada. As the single representative voice of building product and service supplier companies in Canada the CBSN will focus on Professionalism - Quality - Sustainability -- Ethics.   The CBSN is built upon the cornerstones of Networking -- Education -- Standards -- Representation and will help create profitable business opportunities for suppliers to, and owners of all types of property in Canada.

For more information please contact: Wayne Proulx, President at 647.338.6104 or rwproulx@thecbsn.com.

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