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Why you should be at the OGA Conference February 21-22, 2017

Thursday, February 16th 2017 9:42:38am

Why YOU need to be at
OGA Conference February 21-22, 2017:
Spotlighting Geothermal Energy

Where: Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale, 6750 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, and Ontario.

On February 14th, Ontario Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault shared with the CBC that his Ministry is "rapidly" getting a new geothermal grant program ready for roll out. See News Story.  

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Will this development be good or bad for the industry?  It might be bad if the government acted independently and wasn’t talking to industry and engaging with your representatives.  Fortunately, as you may know, the Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) has been working diligently on your behalf with the Ministry of Energy (MOE), the
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the Premier’s Office to show how geothermal heating and cooling can and should play an important role in reducing energy costs for Ontarians and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

This is a crucial time for the geothermal industry in Ontario, and this Conference may well be looked upon in the future as a “Pivot Point” in the history of the industry in this province! If you are actively involved in the geothermal heating and cooling sector, or even just curious about the growth and development of this market, you really need to be at this conference. Why?

• Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray will discuss his view of the role of geothermal in his Climate Change Action Plan.  At the OGA conference last year, Minister Murray sketched out his vision for a carbon-free Ontario.  This year he will talk about what he’s done to make the vision a reality.

Martin Forsén, from NIBE, will talk about how a vision similar to that of Ministry Murray and the Government of Ontario was brought to life over several decades in Sweden.  NIBE is now the largest geothermal heat pump manufacturer in North America following its purchase of ClimateMaster, WaterFurnace, Enertech and others.

Jay Egg, Egg Geothermal, will present a keynote address positioning geothermal as “the Foundation of Sustainable Economic Development”

Malini Giridhar will outline Enbridge’s plans for entering the geothermal business under a utility model that includes a partnership with the OGA and HRAI.

Terry Young, Vice-President, Conservation at the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will discuss how geothermal is becoming more central to the IESO’s energy conservation plans for the province.

Plus, you will hear about new product developments, some successful geothermal initiatives that have been introduced recently as well as a report on what the OGA has done for you in the past year.  This is also your chance to have some say in the future direction taken by the OGA!

It’s not too late! Register today: www.ontariogeothermal.ca/oga-conference-2017.html