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Former Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion, joins GreenSaver Board

Tuesday, April 25th 2017 11:21:06am

MEDIA RELEASE April 25th, 2017

Hazel McCallion putting her energy into saving energy:
Former Mayor of Mississauga joins GreenSaver Board

(Toronto, April 25th, 2017) Hazel McCallion, the long serving former Mayor of Mississauga continues to make her mark. Her most recent effort is to advocate for energy conservation and related programs for families and small business owners in Ontario.  Her long-term interest in the topic, has resulted in her becoming the newest addition to the Board of Directors of GreenSaver, Ontario’s leading not-for-profit energy efficiency organization.

Ms. McCallion observed, “I have known about GreenSaver’s good work for years and admired how they ran a lean and effective organization that provided real benefits to people. In Mississauga and Peel Region, I recognized Greensaver for their competency and commitment to helping people make their homes more energy efficient and livable, while lowering high hydro bills.”  

She went on to say, “When, I realized that GreenSaver was not only a local success story from the GTA, but active in about 85% of Ontario municipalities, with over 100 conservation programs lowering energy bills for homeowners, renters and businesses, I wanted to know how I could help.”

Vladan Veljovic, GreenSaver’s President and CEO observed, “We are delighted to welcome “Hurricane Hazel” to Ontario’s leading energy conservation non-profit organization. With Mayor McCallion’s knowledge of the municipal landscape, a fresh and important dimension has been added.  Already, her wise counsel and experience as a city builder have proven useful as we continue to grow.”.  

Peter D’Uva, the Chair of Greensaver’s Board added, “GreenSaver is pleased to welcome first rate Board members, since we are a trusted name in environmental energy efficiency, with utilities, homeowners and businesses across the province. “

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GreenSaver (www.greensaver.org) is Ontario’s leading not-for-profit energy efficiency organization. For nearly 25 years it has delivered energy conservation programs for homeowners, government agencies and utilities, assisting homeowners and businesses across Ontario to reduce their energy and environmental footprint. It has completed over 80,000 Home Energy Assessments and Building Diagnostics in Ontario and currently successfully delivers over 100 different (Conservation and Demand Management) CDM programs for nearly 50 utilities.