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Light- emitting diodes (LED) and Adaptive Lighting Controls - the next generation of lighting technology showcased at LEDisovery event in Toronto

Wednesday, March 26th 2008 8:51:09am

Media Release: News, Energy and Technology Editors

Light- emitting diodes (LED) and Adaptive Lighting Controls - the next generation of lighting technology showcased at LEDisovery event in Toronto


(Toronto, March 25, 2008) Today, 'LEDiscovery' opened at Exhibition Place as the first ever event to bring together technology, manufacturers, purchasers and suppliers. With a focus on advancing the adoption of LED Lighting and Adaptive Lighting Control Technology (ALCT) in public spaces, LEDiscovery is the first event of its kind that allows municipal agencies and others interested in reducing their lighting demands to interact with LED and ALCT manufacturers and experts. This event will increase end-user awareness and knowledge, educate on appropriate procurement polices and overall, reduce barriers and obstacles to the installation of LED lighting.

The success of attracting over 22 manufacturers from around the globe demonstrates a growing appreciation of the potential of LED lighting and adaptive control technologies.  This expanding interest is driven by rapid product innovation and the dramatically lower energy consumption of LED lighting.  LED and ALCT – which require 50% less energy than traditional lighting – are poised to be highly effective tools in the campaign to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

An overview of the role of LEDs in GHG reductions will be provided by Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) staff during their presentation. They will describe the role of LED’s in a global program to provide affordable, energy efficient technologies to cities worldwide. The CCI works directly with the C40 Large Cities Leadership Group, an association of large cities dedicated to tackling climate change. Large cities around the world make up only 2% of the total land mass yet contribute to 75% of all heat-trapping GHG emissions.

Other participants of note from outside of Ontario include LED City delegates from Raleigh, NC and Ann Arbor, MI and Peter Strasser, Executive Director of the International Dark-Sky Association, from Tucson, Arizona, who will be speaking.

The first day of LEDiscovery features a Manufacturers Display Forum with attendant technical exhibits and demonstrations from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  Short LEDiscussions will occur at 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm; these 15-minute presentations will introduce members of the public and participants representing business and government to the practical applications of LED technology.  

The program for the final day includes technical presentations. These sessions will focus on the appropriateness of utilizing LED technology for public space lighting, with emphasis on safety, light quality and energy efficiency. Industry and government personnel will have a chance to network during a series of quick, efficient speed-meetings known as ‘LEDate’.

LEDiscovery is hosted by greenTbiz in collaboration with various governmental agencies.  Day One is supported by the Community Conservation Initiatives Program of the Ontario Ministry of Energy.  The second day is supported by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF), the Technology Development Fund of the Ontario Power Authority and the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada.

To arrange interviews, contact: Chantal Brundage, Program Manager, greenTbiz, 416-697-9000

greenTbiz is a program developed by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas or TABIA in an effort to assist the BIAs, their member business and property owners with energy conservation, environmental programs and general education and awareness. (www.greenTbiz.org).

Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) promotes local actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. TAF’s “LightSavers” program focuses on market transformation opportunities for outdoor LED and adaptive lighting technologies (www.toronto.ca/taf).